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Iranian Democracy Front (IDF) is an association composed of Iranian pro-democracy political groups and organizations with diverse political
beliefs, with a common goal of removing the despotic Islamic republic and establishing a secular democratic government in Iran based on the
Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


Member organizations of

Iranian Democratic Front


in alphabetical order:




  1. Action for Iran's Freedom,

  2. Alliance for Democracy in Iran,

  3. Alliance of Iranian Women,

  4. Association of Wisdom and Tradition of Iran,

  5. Democrat Party of People of Iran,

  6. European Centre for Zoroastrian Studies,

  7. Guardians of Iranian Territorial Integrity,

  8. Iranian Secular-Democrat Organization,

  9. Iranian Society in Dallas,

  10. Iranian Solidarity Congress,

  11. Iranian Tribe Association,

  12. Iranian Unity and Solidarity Council,

  13. IRANPAD Organization–Arizona,

  14. IRANPAD Organization – Dallas

  15. IRANPAD Organization-Houston,

  16. IRANPAD Organization-Los Angeles,

  17. IRANPAD Organization - North Texas,

  18. Kanoon Kherad,

  19. Movement to Support Freedom in Iran,

  20. National Front-Abroad

  21. Organization of Balouch Constitutional Monarchists,

  22. Organization of Iranian Solidarity,

  23. Organization of Young Iranian Constitutional Monarchists,

  24. Pan Iranist Party - Abroad,

  25. Payam Organization,

  26. Radio Azadegan,

  27. Sarbaz Organization,

  28. Society of Persian Women,

  29. Supporters of Democracy Movement in Iran,

  30. Tribe Alliance of Iran,

  31. Tribe Solidarity of Iran

  32. United Persian Organization.

  33. World Academy of Cyrus the Great

  34. Nahal Organisation

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